323rd Engineer Detachment (Firefighters) NULLIS SECUNDUS
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Welcome To The 323rd Engineer Detachments Home Page
U.S Army Firefighters make up only a small section of the Army Corps of Engineers.There are about 240 Active Duty and 575 Reserve and National Guard, Military Firefighters.

In todays Army, there are 7 Active Duty and 25 Resverve and National Guard Fire-Fighting Detachments.Many soldiers, leaders, and civilians are unaware of the existence of these detachments and the services they provide.
U.S. Army Firefighters Mission
Army Firefighters provide fire-fighting services, including fire protection, to theaters of operations
all around the globe.

Our purpose is to give everyone a look at the U.S. Army Firefighter (51M) and the 323rd Engineer Detachment USAR out of Eldorado, Ks.

323rd's Primary Missions

This is the most demanding mission and involves aircraft or ground vehicles that are burning or have crashed. Firefighters must be familiar with basic safety procedures of all U.S. Aircraft. Although the emphasis is on Rotary Wing Aircraft, firefighters must also be familiar with Fixed-wing Aircraft.


This mission encompasses burning of static objects, such as tents, houses, barns, and other buildings. Fire-Fighting Units or Crews require the skills to quickly, position equipment and locate water source, vent buildings, and searching for victims in smoke-filled buildings.


This task includes taking ACTIVE and PASSIVE measures to prevent fires from occurring.